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We take pride in offering an awesome array of lip-smacking (and snacking) flavors, while adhering to a level of quality that sometimes seems lost today. Our delicious popcorn is non GMO, and sourced from US farms. We use organic seasonings whenever possible, and make sure every fluffy, popped kernel is a delicious, wholesome snack that’s positively bursting with flavor.

Our Customers Are Raving

Pop on the Block is amazing it's not just popcorn there's so much more from spices to kernels and treats and Lisa is so sweet and friendly she makes it a pleasure to shop there. It's simply amazing love it!
Tina, Rhode Island

So happy to see a popcorn shop on the island and i was more surprised to see all the variety that is offered!! They have everything from sweet to savory...yum yum If you are a popcorn lover than this is a place to stop in and see. Not only popcorn but salts, sugars and kernels to pop!
Stacy, Connecticut

What a wonderful little shop! The owner was so sweet and helped us with everything! We walked away with 4 large bags to take home(though I'm sure they all won't make it off the island). I can't wait to come back each time we visit the island!
Kim R., Connecticut

The popcorn tasted amazing and it was cool that it was a local business and that the people working in it really care about their products and are involved in all the steps in creating the product. The prices were reasonable too.
Samantha S

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